Attempts of reforming the national energy sector over the period of the country's independence have mostly been sluggish and quite often unsuccessful, and measures attempting to solve the problems of the national power sector have addressed the issues of neutralizing certain critical hazards, being therefore non-systematic. This has ultimately resulted in stagnation of the energy industry, and in the context of the power industry's high growth dynamism worldwide has caused a considerable qualitative gap in progressive practices of securing reliability and consumers' energy supply. In its turn, it has updated the task of finding critical gaps in the national energy policy and taking priority efforts to strengthen the energy security, to be implemented over the mid- and long-term periods.

Team of experts
Institute for social and economic research
The plan determines efforts, which implementation are aimed at solving of as much as possible major problems within the national energy sector, at accelerating to reach goals determined in miscellaneous state branch programs of the national energy sector development, which is ultimately able to provide for a noticeable contribution to strengthen the Ukrainian energy security in the immediate future. The time frame stated in the document – until 2020 – does not mean that most of issues described and steps required for solving those issues would lose edge. However, implementation of such steps is identified to be an urgent need for the reform of the national power sector, the counteraction to current security challenges and threats in the energy sector, as well as existence of certain national and international commitments during the specified period.

Most of solutions offered entirely meet the specified time frame and are real to be implemented provided availability of the "political will" – those having an institutional origin, are aimed at creating the conditions for accelerating structural changes of the national energy sector, enhancing the level of its investment attractiveness, provisioning a single actions' vector for all state authorities and other decision-taking subjects in the sphere of securing the energy supply reliability.
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